Turn your awkward space into a design feature

Awkward spaces are a feature of many a London home and part of what gives this city its unique appeal. However, more often than not they can be tricky and lead to yet another contractor shaking their head claiming that nothing can be done and to like it or lump it. At Monarch Glass we understand the importance of your home being the best it can be and making the most of your space is key to that, even if it requires a little more thought. We use European manufactured bifold door and glass balustrade systems that are tailored to your needs, so whether you have a tiny bathroom or an irregular shaped kitchen our team can provide you with a bespoke plan and design. And with our advanced and cutting edge attitude to Architectural glass and structural glass, transforming the quirks in your home into a design statement will be our pleasure. Get in touch with our glass experts to talk through your ideas today and remember nothing is impossible!