The CrossRail effect

Crossrail is set to fully open in 2019, and so it seems will the potential of the property market in London as well as further afield. With a slew of stations set to open up, easing congestion and awakening new transport links and opportunities, the London property market is set for a shake up. Becoming stagnant in the past few years, the London property market has seen a slow down with business only happening for the mega rich, but Crossrail is set to change all that by breathing new life into areas perhaps deemed ‘too far’ or ‘undesirable’. What will that mean for you? Well, your property could very well increase in value and new property areas will pop up all over greater London. So, if you’re saving to get out of London or hoping to get on the housing ladder, there are many opportunities coming your way. Turning your attention to the state of your home is the next step, new double glazing windows or bifold doors could do the trick in refreshing your property.